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At Belger Financial Group, our aim is to help our clients achieve their future financial goals, through a variety of processes. We strive to provide tailored investment strategies for each client, by building long-lasting, trusting relationships between our team and our clients. We focus on client-advisor relationships, open and constant communication, and focus on conservative investment models to maximize your returns, reduce your taxes, and not negatively impact your initial investment.

An annuity is a contract that you can purchase from an insurance company, which you can either pay for in one lump sum, or through a series of payments over a predetermined period of time.

In return, you will receive payments after a specified date, or on a handful of select dates that are prearranged.

There are two distinctive payout options available to you, which include receiving payments for the remainder of your life or over a set number of years.

An IRA account is one of the most prevalent types of contemporary inheritances.

Certain aspects in your retirement plan might not need to be in your direct control when you retire, and if some of the assets in your IRA apply, it can be incredibly beneficial to pursue a legacy planning strategy.

This financial strategy is designed to minimize the taxes while also maximizing the payouts to your designated beneficiaries once you are gone.

When you change careers, you generally have multiple options available to you regarding your retirement account. It is possible for you to leave your account in your former employer’s plan, take the cash and pay any resultant taxes or possible early withdrawal penalties, transfer the money to your new employer’s retirement plan, or roll your retirement funds into an IRA.

The final option gives you the ability to shield your assets from taxes, while also allowing you to retain control of those assets. Sometimes, though, it is useful to have a helping hand guide you through the complex process of protecting your financial future.

It’s never a fun prospect to contemplate one’s own mortality, but this is a mistake and it can lead to far more hardship than simply discussing it outright. This mainly has to do with preparing for a future where you aren’t around, one that is especially important if you have children or others who are dependent on you.

Life insurance is one of the safest methods to provide for your heirs and other potential dependents. Just as life happens so, too, does death, and it is not a conveniently timed process – preparation is the only defense, and life insurance is a powerful form of defense.

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